Top 5 Waterproof Fitness Trackers of 2016

Sep 3, 2016 | 0 comments

This is a special guest post by Steve S who keeps a special close eye on the latest development and trends in wearable tech. In this article, Steve shares his views on the top five waterproof fitness trackers for 2016, from number 5 to number 1. With this said, swimming enthusiasts and even exercisers who enjoy a bit of swimming with other activities may find these fitness wearables ideal for their training and general recreation.   

If you are an avid swimmer, then you may be looking for a waterproof fitness tracker to take with you into the pool and measure your performance. There are many trackers that are splash resistant, but if you’re looking for much more than that, then a waterproof fitness tracker that works underwater is the way to go. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 5 waterproof fitness trackers of 2016; See them below:

Waterproof Fitness Tracker – Top 5


5. Jarbird Reign

The Jaybird Reign is a highly functional and futuristic looking activity tracker that is also completely waterproof. The fashionable, faceless fitness band is capable of keeping tabs on all your vital stats and will also track your all swimming activities of any time over ten minutes. Jaybird Sport believes that by measuring heart rate variability instead of just the heart rate, users will be able to have a more clear idea on when to push on with their workout or if its time to take a break.

The Jaybird Reign has an accompanying app that also sets itself apart from your average fitness tracker dashboard. From snapshots of your verve to exercise, to a coaching feature that helps to push and inspire you, this stylish activity tracker makes fifth place in our list of the top waterproof fitness trackers.


4. Garmin Vivoactive HR

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is a smartwatch that is designed for modern active lifestyles. The Ultra-thin watch features a high-resolution touch screen and comes with a range of built-in sports apps. The Vivoctive HR is therefore not only a fitness tracker, but one of the world’s highly regarded wearables in its smartphone form. In addition to tracking all your activities including GPS-enabled running, biking, and swimming, this waterproof fitness tracker also pairs with your smartphone to deliver notifications directly to your wrist.

As a smartwatch, the Garmin Vivoactive HR allows users to stay on top of their busy lifestyles and its built-in sports apps ensure you can easily transition from work mode to exercise activities. Tracked stats include time and distance, speed, calories, cadence and your heart rate during cycling, and laps, interval distance, stroke count and calories burnt for swimming. The Garmin Vivoactive HR is packed full of features it would need a page of its own! Number 4 on our list.


3. Misfit Shine

With a simple, sleek design and retailing at around $69.99 USD, the Misfit Shine is one of the most popular waterproof fitness trackers on the market. The all-purpose activity tracker is waterproof up to 50 meters which makes it perfect for swimming, and other water-based activities. The devices design and capabilities have also received plaudits in the wearable technology industry and analysts. Tracked stats on the Misfit Shine include the number of steps you have taken, bike pedals if you are cycling, as well as swim strokes when you’re in the pool.

Misfit Shine can also be paired with your smartphone and with the activity tracker also outfitted with a top of the range sleep tracker, users will be able to see all their vital stats at a glance.


4. Withings Activité Pop

For those who lead an active lifestyle and would like to track their fitness work using a more discreet and pared down device, the Withings Activité Pop is the perfect choice. Much like the Misfit Shine above, the Activité Pop is a well designed device that looks like any ordinary wristwatch. Under the hood, this unassuming device packs in the ability to track all of your movements.

A recent firmware update to the Withings Activité Pop added swimming tracking and another is due soon that will bring the ability to count the number of strokes and laps completed. Available in 3 different colours and with a battery that lasts for months, the Activité takes 2nd spot in our list of the top 5 waterproof fitness trackers of 2016.


2. Atlas Wristband 2

The Atlas Wristband 2 starts setting itself apart from other fitness trackers on the market right from the start with its unconventional look. With the appearance of a smartwatch with an extended screen that juts out from its belt, this device is by no means a gimmicky product. Atlas Wristband is fitted with the world’s most accurate heart rate monitor and a motion tracker that will count and log any activities you undertake accurately.

The bigger screen on the Atlas 2 gives users a better view of analysis of their form, as well as what amounts to a fitness coach on your wrist that can give you turn-by-turn directions. The screen on the Atlas is detachable to make it easier to get more accurate readings of all types of exercise, and pairing the device with your smartphones will give you a quick glimpse of all your results on the bigger screen.

For those whose exercise and recreation involves water-based sports, the list of top 5 waterproof fitness trackers of 2016 above is a great place to start looking for your ideal device. In addition to being waterproof and capable of logging your time in the pool, the 5 activity trackers above combine great design and a suite of other excellent activity tracking features, making them the top 5 of this year so far.