Polar Ft7 Review

Is the Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Worth Your Money?

When it comes to working out, having certain information readily available can make the difference in how effectively you are able to reach your goals. There are several fitness watches on the market that help people like you to check their heart rate and other relevant data quickly without having to break their routine – The Polar Ft7.

The Polar Ft7 heart rate monitor is one of the newest choices that you have for a fitness watch, and it has been generally well-received by those who have used it. Although there are a few drawbacks to this watch, the pros vastly outweigh the cons. In fact, the main complaint from users is that it does not have a lap timer feature. Barring that, it can do wonders to help you monitor the effectiveness of each of your workouts.

This waterproof fitness tracker with a water resistant rating of 30 meteres is incredibly lightweight, at just over one ounce, and it is available in four different colors so you can choose one that will coordinate best with your exercise clothes and your daily wardrobe if you wish to use it all of the time.

When you first purchase the Polar Ft7, you can visit the company website to find a comprehensive instructional video that will teach you how to access all of the features available on the watch. The site also has info regarding the two-year warranty and how to access technical support if you encounter any difficulties.

Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap & Battery

Polar Ft7 comes with a comfortable chest monitor strap that is soft and stays in place. However, lefties may not find the unit as easy to use as right-handed people, and there is no way to easily adjust the unit for this important segment of the population. The fabric band is comfortable for men and women, including those with an ample bosom, to wear. Many competitors have rubber instead of fabric, which can cause problems even for those who do not have latex allergies.

The power on this watch is fantastic as it never needs to be charged, relying instead on batteries. And, unlike many workout watches, the batteries are regular watch batteries that you can replace yourself! No need to pay for expensive batteries that only an expert watchsmith can install.

Depending how you use the Polar Ft7, the battery can last up to 11 months.

The Features of Polar Ft7


You can program the watch with information about your fitness goals, including your targeted heart rate max for weight loss and that for your regular workouts. Additionally, it will display the number of calories you have burned in a day. This can be useful to help keep you motivated and on track with your workout goals.

You can keep track of more than three months worth of workouts to see your progress. A great way to keep tabs of your daily workout sessions.  In fact, the Polar Ft7 can store 99 laps of data and provide wekly comparison charts of your heart beat performance.  Additionally, you can upload the information if you join the company personal trainer option and buy the FlowLink accessory.

This fantastic little watch will let you define your target zone as flat number of beats per minute or a percentage based on your heart rate reserve or maximum heart rate. You can use the Polar EnergyPointer to record your goals and track your progress toward them. It will tell you at a glance which zone you are at, either burning fat (dropping the weight) or improving your aerobic fitness levels for stamina.

The zones are defined by the data you initially setup like age, weight and height.

What’s Missing in The Ft7 Polar?


There’s only three small issues with it…

1. As mentioned earlier there is a design issue with the the chest strap monitor and it will not suit left handed individuals as it can only be mounted via one side only which can be tough for lefties to adjust the strap.

2. Although this is a not a huge issue, it would be nice to have an alert function to prompt you should your heart rate drop whilst working out or being lazy.  This is handy for people wanting to get the best result from every workout.

3. The most obvious odd ball negative – most everyday watch has a timer or some kind of stop watch feature and it is mind boggling that the Polar Ft7 does not allow you to time your laps…it’s strange.

Is the Polar Ft7 Worth Your Money?

YES, if you want a light weight and versatile fitness tracker watch, the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor is a great partner for your workout and it is one of the best choices you can make for a fitness watch. While lefties and those who wish to time laps may be frustrated that their needs are not addressed, those are the only two drawbacks to this lightweight watch. But the ease of use and smart coaching features in this fitness tracker makes up for it.  If you want to stick to your workout without having to stop and time your heart rate and determine which target zone you are in, this watch will help you do that and so much more, making it well worth the investment!