Fitbit Charge HR Review: Should You Buy It?

Is the Fitbit Charge HR for you? Let Us Guide You
fitbit charge hr

The Fitbit Charge HR does not look much, so if you want a trendy, fashionable accessory fitness tracker, then you’re on the wrong page here. Although it appears like a basic fitness tracker with a little LED display, a single button on the side and a standard rubberized watch strap that works like a belt buckle – this tracker provides a punch with it’s simplicity.

This activity tracker which doubles as a watch can track your sleep at night automatically, the amount of exerise you are getting, calories burnt, and monitor your heart-rate levels whilst resting or working out 24/7, and it syncs with nearly every major smartphone and computer. As well, it comes with a silent alarm vibration alert and smart caller id notification.

And if you are one of those people who loves to ‘share’, you can have social challenges with friends with it’s neat app experience and user interface.

The Fitbit Charge HR straps well over your wrist and compared to other continuous heart rate monitor watches that comes with SmartTrack – it has an impressive battery life, over five days. And its small LED display-slash-clock is basic (which is a good thing) but it’s easy to lift your arm and see the time with it’s quick view function, or tap the display to see the number of steps you’ve taken, your heart rate and other data.

For a small tracking watch with heart rate monitor that’s constantly keeping tabs of your pulse, that’s really good and it is the kind of all-in-one fitness heart rate monitor band I own (a purple one) and recommend to anyone, especially at an affordable price … and it can be even cheaper at times.

And, It is So Easy to Use

All it is required of you – simply pair it with your iPhone or Android phone, enter some basic data about yourself into the Fitbit app, and then you just wear it. If you do not have a smartphone, the fitness tracker comes with a wireless USB dongle which allows you to pair it with your computer.

And let’s face it, the Fitbit Charge HR is not perfect and may not suit you, but few wearable trackers are — and none of the other fitness heart rate monitor watches and bands have been able get close to topping the Charge HR at its own fitness game.


Activity Trackers are not a medical device, just use it as a tool to get moving and shape up today, it is not a health barometer.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

The Fitbit Charge HR has a rather innocuous underbelly or hump. That ugly hump sits ontop your skin so you don’t need to push down the band too tightly but enough to keep tabs of your pulse continuously.

Once you strap on the tracker, it immediately flashes 2 green lights to keep tab of your heart rate 24/7 automatically. From the moment it goes on your wrist, it keep tabs of your heart rate, and other important activities like steps, steps climbed, how much time you spend being “active” and intensity of exercise (walking or running).

Two other important features about the Charge HR – it can measure the number of heart beats per minute over a set time session and as well, records the resting heart rate once you rise from your ZZZ’s. A fantastic set of metrics to keep an eye on both your fitness and health.

The neat part about the Fitbit Charge HR – it has an easy access to the heart rate data and other data simply by pressing the side button or tapping the display. Like many other wrist strap heart rate readers, they’re more accurate when resting. The reading can fluctuate during active exercise. That’s the same with Basis Peak, Garmin Vivosmart, Microsoft Band and many others; it is just the way it is. The Charge HR feels as good as those tracker or watch with heart rate monitor.

Why Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor Watch?

Heart rate data gives you a better insight into the effectiveness of the workout, and how hard your heart has been working. In other words, it provides an overall picture of your real caloric burn and normal resting heart rate. This is as good as its get to getting an estimate on your day-to-day activities.

And the guys at found the Fitbit Charge HR to be very accurate with the heart rate tracking, here’s their finding –

” … checked the pedometer by walking a set amount of steps and checking the Fitbit’s readout before and after. One time I started at 7,460 steps, then I walked, counting out 1,000 steps as carefully as I could. At the end, the Fitbit showed 8,455. Just five off! Really impressive. With the HRM, I took my pulse (or had a friend take it) and then check the display. In nearly every test the Charge HR was within two to four beats per minute, which is a very small margin of error.”

Use Fitbit Charge HR For Individualized Workout Sessions

Let’s say you want to go for a run, you can track the run session by holding down the side button (which acts like a stop watch) or the device will sense and track sessions automatically.

This starts an individual timed event or session with its own heart-rate recording, and all the relevant data is synced with the Fitbit app from average and peak heart rate, number of steps ran, distance covered and so on during the run or exercise session.

The App is So Easy to Use!

If you want a simple, easy to use and a clean design layout app, the Fitbit Charge HR app is the one. In one tap and on ONE page, the Fitbit app provides you the entire day’s overall data and information from steps taken, calories burnt, stairs climed, your average heart rate, number hours of sleep, and more.

And if you want a more detailed analysis, you just tap on the particular data, and it will provide more in depth information with multiple charts, color coding and so on. If you can’t make sense of the data, it comes with a handy explainers to help you grasp what it all means.

The app offers plenty of personal customization — turning your fitness heart rate monitor on or off, setting up alarm notifications, setting up the clock display and caller id, setting up tap gesture shortcuts, tracking water intake and more.

Another nice feature of the app is it’s capability to record the distance ran, walked or hiked – you simply strap on your phone to use it’s GPS to keep tab of your runs, walks or hike, and have coaching whilst training.  Although you will have to bring your phone along – most runners use their phone to listen to music, so why not use your GPS on your smartphone and sync it with the App.

Lastly, for those people who wants to keep tabs of their food and calorie intake, the fitbit app allows you search for items and scan food bar-codes using a smartphone.

A Look Inside The Fitbit App

Below is a quick overview of the Fitbit Charge HR app. It is very versatile and easy to use, and the best part all the information is displayed on a single page. What more do you want?

heart rate monitor watch

Unfortunately, The Fitbit Charge HR …

So is Fitbit charge HR waterproof?

Hmmm, it may be splash proof but it is not waterproof. That means you cannot take the Fitbit Charge HR for a swim or shower. Think about it – swimming is a great exercise, and if you are into swimming over running why is a fitness tracker like a Fitbit Charge HR not built to keep tabs on swimming. A fitness tracker should keep tabs of every active minutes. I love swimming, so this is a missed opportunity, but not a deal breaker for me as it is the best fitness heart rate monitor.

The other matter for me is the weak caller id notification, this vibrates only once which is not enough. Unlike the Alarm, it has repeated vibrations that you will notice. So if you are promoting caller id capable, give it more substance. Hopefully with the next update they can improve on it.

But do not treat the Fitbit Charge HR as a smartwatch as it is not – it is a very good fitness tracker (also a wristband heart rate monitor) built for fitness not the smart style stuff. And it should be treated this way.

Is the Fitbit Charge HR Worth it?

YES, if you are new to fitness or at an intermediate fitness level, you should get a Fitbit Charge HR as it is reasonably priced, and it is the best standalone “all-day heart-rate-tracking casual-use wearable fitness tracker watch” now.  But if you are into HIIT buy a chest or fast paced activities, buy a chest strap heart rate monitor.

It keep tabs of your heart  rate continuously, keeps tab of your sleep, counts your steps runned, hiked or walked, floors climbed and more.  Oh yeah, did I mention … it has SmartTrack!

This SmartTrack intuitive feature allows the heart rate monitor watch to automatically understand the activities you are participating for 15 minutes of more.  The sports activities it can pick up ranges from from outdoor cycling, walking, running, elliptical, and general aerobic workouts, like cardio-kickboxing and sports like tennis, basketball or soccer.

For sure it is one of those fitness watches for men and women. The data it provides are accurate, and the entire device and it’s app is so easy to use, and it’s not that bad looking.

For sure the Fitbit Charge HR is the best wrist heart monitor watch today. So why not get it now.