Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

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The most accurate heart rate monitor for fitness training is simply wearing on a good chest strap heart rate monitor. With a chest strap it provides an effective way to boost your performance, and if you are at the high risk end for heart disease a chest strap heart monitor is great for finding that balance for training intensity you can train safely within.

With a chest strap unit it is worn at a position on the body that is more useful for monitoring than the wrist styled fitness watch,  and it offers a more insightful data into your running or cycling cadence, body position and form.

However, the chest strap can get uncomfortable at times as it can get a bit uncomfortable after an hour of wearing it. And for women the chest strap can and does pose an issue. Unfortunately, chest straps aren’t for everyone

Although the strapless heart rate monitors with optical sensors like Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Blaze are becoming popular, it is not as accurate, but the watches offer a happier fit and comfort.

Will a Heart Rate Monitor With Chest Strap Suit You?

To the point – if you are more concerned with accuracy above comfort, then a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor chest strap will offer pinpoint accuracy.  A chest strap will suit a serious fitness junkie and high intensity interval training purpose. Read on below for our recommendations

But if accuracy is not the priority, and you simply want the pure convenience of what fitness tracker watches can offer, then a wrist heart rate monitor will do, and it is a good alternative for casual exercises and keeping tabs of your activity levels. If you fall into this category, in our opinion here are the best fitness watches you can try today.

The heart rate optical sensor is a good alternative to chest strap and it will improve overtime if not perfect. It is not quite there yet, but it will become good enough.

Below are the top rated chest strap heart rate monitors.


Top 5 Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitors

Wahoo Tickr X

This chest strap heart rate monitor has LED lights on the unit which gives it a touch of Iron Man’s glowing chest about it.

The bluetooth chest strap is will connect and sync with a range of fitness tracking apps on a smartphone which makes it a cheap but effective way to monitor your heart rate.

The Tickr X can provide information from heart rate monitoring, calories burnt, motions analytics data of your running (smoothness, cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time), cycling, static cycling, spin class and 7 Minute Workout tracking which keeps tabs on short fat-burn workout, and rep counts of sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks and more.

With it’s heart rate zone measurements, it is capable of helping you train within performance level and ability. You can calibrate to burn and burst heart rate levels which is measured by the device. In other words, you simply let the Tickr X to bully you into working out at the right intensity level without wasting any effort and your time.

As well, you can use the chest strap during time when it is not practical and set it to offline mode which will then track your heart rate, calories burned and duration of your workout – which then the information (up to 16 hours of internal memory data) can be synced.

In other words, you can leave your smartphone and view your data (without GPS tracking) when you return.

And if you want to achieve or maitain a certian intensity level, you can customize your preferred heart rate zones to maximise fat burn or improve speed and performance.

The workout information it can provide will make a big difference for people who are serious into their running and workout training.

A simple adjustment to your body position and form from the date can add up to a more improved performance. Tickr X is most suitable for runners and gym cyclists.

Garmin HRM Tri

This is a really small and light (around 49g) heart rate monitor chest strap is the most rounded tracker for the triathletes with a water proof rating to 5 meters. It has plenty of smart functions to help improve your running, cycling and swimming (both outdoor and indoor) performance.

Garmin HRM Tri has an inbuilt accelerometer that will keep tabs of foot strike rate, vertical oscillation and ground contact time.
Another great feature is the specific heart rate training zones (energy efficient zone, aerobic zone and anaerobiz zone) which you can set for training at your optimal fitnes level and performance.

However, you may find issues with the pool as it does not have enough ‘grip’ to your body, especially when you push off the wall.

The design has no visible seams and the edges are comfortably curved to reduce chaffing to the skin or any wet-suit issues.

In terms of tracking, it can track your pace, heart rate, distance traveled, duration of a session, SWOLF (swimming score), calories burned and plenty more of in-depth table and graphs that will give you a split of your performance from average pace, best pace, average heart rate, maximum heart rate and so on.

With the Garmin HRM TRI you must have a compatible Garmin watch (FR920XT/Epix/Fenix3 and the newer versions after) to pair with, and the chest strap will NOT show your heart rate live during swim sets, as ANT+ signals cannot transmit through water. The interval/set based HR results can only been shown after a set. However it is a quality fitness heart rate monitor.

Polar H7

heart rate monitor chest strap

The Polar H7 chest strap heart rate monitor is another Bluetooth Smart support unit providing date from heart rate data on fitness watches, compatible gym equipment and smartphonephone app.

It is compatible with most smartphones from iPhones (iOS7 and later) to Android 4.3 and above. Also it will sync with most fintess apps such as Strava, MayMyRun, Runkeeper and bluetooth fitness trackers.

The chest wrap unit is a small, lightweight clip-on transmitter and the strap itself is an adjustable material that allows you to wrap around to fit your chest.

Polar H7 uses electro-cardiogram heart rate sensor to continuously keep tabs of the electrical activity of the heart and resting heart rate data.

Although perfect for swimming, it is best to wear it under a swimsuit just in case it does not grip perfectly.

Whilst the monitor is great for tracking your runs, it can be customised for cycling, cross country skiing, mountain biking, resistance training and other activities.

Like most monitors, you will get a slew of data information from distance covered, duration of the activity, calories burned, heart rate (beats per minute), pace (min/miles), analysis, map and Tempo Training +.

The Tempo Training + will give you the average heart rate, and the duration of trainning zone spent during a workout, from very light, moderate and maximum intensity.

This allows you to train at the right intensity level, whilst maintaing your target heart rate zone for an efficient heart rate workout.

In each activity you can select a goal for the given workout for an efficient performance output.

The Polar H7 is another reliable exercise heart rate monitor which provides accurate heart rate readings. This is why it made it to our list of the best activity tracker with heart rate monitor.


Suunto Smart Sensor

Another quality chest strap monitor, and the tiniest Bluetooth ready heart rate sensor available – only 40g. It is not at all a heavy weight, and in terms of design, it is one of the better designed heart rate adjustable straps.

The Suunto measures and records your heart rate with great comfort and accuracy, and it has waterproof rating of 30 meters.

When you are swimming, your heart rate is tracked and recorded in the sensor and when the swim is over, the data is transferred to your Ambit3 watch or Suunto Movescount App.

The heart rate can be set to target heart rate zones which allows you train at the intensity level you want to.

Suunto Smart Sensor also has a GPS receiver which provides navigational details and record of the journey of the activity.

It is bluetooth smart but not ANT+, and pairs easily with the Ambit3 watch or iPhone app. And it will also connect with Suunto’s Movescount app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

This is one of the most accurate heart rate monitor chest strap.



MZ-3 provides continuous live data feed of your heart rate, calories burnt, and MyZone unique point based scoring MEP (MyZone own effort measurement calculated on intensity levels) which is tracked on a monthly basis against the national best data.

Whether you are running, rowing, swimming, cycling or a grueling workout session at your gym – you will earn points based on your heart rate. Rather than spewing out a simple beats per minute which is the norm, the MyZone MEP measures your training effort over time and handicaps your levels with 5 colour coded zones. The zone levels do move over time, in line with your fitness level and performance.

The chest strap comes in three sizes with an adjustable clasp on the side to get the perfect fit. But is it comfortable? The MZ-3 is like other chest straps, it is comfortable as it can be. If you had an option, you would not want to wear it. At least it does not pinch or cause stitches.

Like the Tickr X, the MyZone MZ-3 has storage for 16 hours of internal memory, so you don’t always have to carry your smartphone while exercising.

It is also ANT+ friendly, and you can sync with a number of fitness apps such as MayMyRun, Garmin running trackers, Apple Watch and so on. As well you can pair the chest strap heart rate monitor with MyZone MZ-50 fitness watch.

Overall a great training aid with a unique twist to ramp up your training with MEP metric that is quite simple to deal with, and one of the most accurate heart rate monitor.