Fitness Watches for Women With Calorie Counter

by | Apr 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Quality Fitness watches are a plenty, and with many fitness trackers moving towards the smart space it is becoming convenient to have a wrist heart rate monitor with caller id functions. But most activity trackers are designed for men, and are rather bulky in size. Hence for women looking for feminine fitness watches for women with calorie counter, step counting and with heart rate monitoring, it is hard to come by.

However, health and fitness conscious women can buy, use and enjoy any of our recommendations for the top rated fitness trackers. Unfortunately those activity trackers are designed by men, for men. In a sense, when it comes to style and design women are hard done.

For now, here’s the best fitness watches for women that we think will appeal to both groups – ladies who wants to stay healthy with convenience and the female fitness freaks who wants accuracy. Although we kept in mind on the stylish form factors from design, size and flexibility, the priority was on features and performance of the fitness tracker.

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Best Fitness Watch For Women

The Fitbit Charge HR is very light to wear fitness watch. It offers convenience and it will suit women who wants a slim form design with a choice in colors. For ladies who are looking to stay healthy and keep track of their daily activities, the Fitbit Charge HR offers plenty of features from heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, calorie burned, stairs climbed, and more.

As well, the Charge HR doubles as a watch with a caller id function – it is the best fitness tracker for women.