Fitness Watches for Women – Top 7


Update – 11 APR 017
Ok ladies, if you want to take your fitness training or weight loss to the next level, below is the list of the 6 best fitness watches for women that you can wear casually and workout with.

Although we have a review of the best fitness watches that women can use and buy now, it may not (or may) suit your taste in style.

This is unfortunate as most major fitness bands are rather chunky and dorky in appearance and built for men – but yet again there is nothing wrong with those type of designs, especially if you are going for a more up paced workout like running, cycling or swimming.

However, as fitness trackers are tipped to trend to the smartwatch space, the stylish form factor especially for women will become an important market move.

Let’s face it, some people (and that maybe you) will like some of the heavy designs, and some women will not. It is a personal taste.

But if you are simply here for the look then it is best not to read on as they are designed to be a smartwatch, where as fitness trackers are more focused towards health and fitness.

Hence there is a compromise on the style of the fitness watch for health.

So for now, and with the help of my female assistant, we have rounded up, in our opinion, 6 of the best fitness watches for women who wants fitness tracking whilst having a resemblance on feminine style (or a compromise of), flexibility and comfort.

Plus we have considered fitness watches for women who are seriously into their health and wants accuracy over comfort for performance (Chest strap heart rate monitors).

If you do not agree with our list below we apologise. We have taken into consideration and placed more weighting on the fitness tracking features followed by the design of the fitness band.

Best Fitness Watches For Women – Top 7

Fitness Trackers With Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR has the most stylished and slimmest design amongst the pile of Fitbit Watches, and today, it is ranked as one of the top selling fitness trackers in Amazon.

Now with the latest 2 generation, the Alta HR has it’s own heart rate monitor and still offer the standard activity tracking with number of stairs climbed, auto sleep tracking, simple smart alerts (sms, call, reminders, social media alerts, fitness notifications) to the wrist and an average 5 day battery life.

A note on the sleep tracking feature, it now provides tracking with insights – which correlates the heart rate numbers into the calculation, giving you a better picture on the quality of sleep from wake, REM sleep, light sleep to deep shut eye. Another nice addition is the fitness notifications – which will prompt you to get moving more if you have not met the 250 steps an hour.

A nice facet about Fitbit Alta HR is the flexibility in the design, that allows you to switch the fitness bands to suit the dress occasion. Whether it be going to the gym or a nice find dinner out, you have a choice of fitness band styles to choose from. The size and the slim design of the Fitbit Alta HR makes it a one of the best fitness watches for women!

Fitbit Charge 2

Say no more, this is a household name and one of the best selling fitness trackers to date. It comes in a range of sizes and colors that will suit women.  The design of the Charge 2 bracelet heart rate monitor is slim and light.

It is very comfortable, and it does what it does best – fitness tracking from counting steps, distance walked, floors climbed, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stop watch, calorie counting and can automatically recognize specific exercises on it’s database from running, cycling, workouts and more.

What’s more you have a step by step direction for breathing sessions to help you de-stress and VO2 Max for better cardio performance. As well, you can map your run, ride, or hike with an app on your handheld device.

And the best part about Fitbit in general is the App – every bit of data is on one single page plus it is so simple and so easy to naivagate, it take only a few minutes to work out the functions and customize it. This hands down beats other competitors.

Not only is it a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, it also doubles as watch that has a basic caller id notification.

In our opinion, if you want a fitness tracker with a simple smart styled watch function and as well light to wear, then this is best tracker for women.

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Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit recently moved into the smartwatch space, and for sure it is more stylish than the Charge HR. It is a comfortable heart rate monitor watch that doubles as a smartwatch, it has 1.25-inch 16 color display and provides incoming push notifications from your smartphone.

However, for whatever unknown reason Fitbit does not take full advantage of the smart notification capabilities, and in contrasts to other fitness tracking watch it is light on that area.

In terms of fitness tracking, the Fitbit Blaze does what the Charge 2 provides, like calories burned, step counting, sleep tracking, heart rate, guide breathing, and VO2 Max.

Except that the Fitbit Blaze provides a basic 7 minute guided workout, which is a good starting point for beginners. Again it is not waterproof. But this is light fitness tracker with heart rate monitor functions, and you will find the step counting, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring to be quite accurate.

And like the Charge 2, the Fitbit App is superb, very easy to use and you will have access to data in a simple format with with daily, weekly and monthly comparisons of your overall performance.

A nice part about the Fitbit Blaze, it has interchangeable bands to allows you to wear casually for a workout or a ‘night out’ look. It is one of those comfortable and stylish fitness watches for women.

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Withings Activité Pop

Built more for walking and staying active on your feet, the Activité Pop is a small and light design. It is a female’s version of a chic design that has a silicone watch strap and the watch face is just 36.3mm in diameter.

In regards to the colors of the strap, you have a choice of four colors that can be swapped with its ‘regular watch’ look.

In terms of features, it offers step counting, calories burned, swim tracking, sleep monitoring and distance walked. Unfortunately, there is no heart rate monitoring.

And like most fitness watches it has a silent alarm to start your day with a Gentle wake-up vibration.

So if you want a fitness tracker with a more feminine design, Withings Activité Pop is a nice choice. It is one of those casual but trendy workout watches for women

Garmin Vivoactive HR

A stylish and not so chunky fitness watch for women. The design is big design update to the predecessor’s square-faced watch. This is a multi-sport fitness watch that has a GPS built into the device with heart rate tracking, it is waterproof and has top notch smartphone notifications.

If you are into running, cycling, swimming, golf, skiing and more, then this is a sport-lover’s fitness tracker smartwatch. The presence of GPS means your run, your cycling, your swimming, and walking are accurately tracked and you get the performance metrics . And Vivoactive HR can measure your steps per minute from the wrist and vertical oscillation or VO2.

With the added heart rate tracking, this is a superb fitness watch that can tell time and notify you with smart notifications from weather details, caller id, emails, your sms, 3rd party notifications (from your social media) and control over your music!

Other features include calculating calories burned, Heart rate-based calorie computation, pace alert and more.

Fitness Tracker With Chest Strap

Garmin Forerunner 630

This is possibly Garmin’s best fitness tracker for running. So if you are into running this new simple design has some form of style that can be strapped on as a regular fitness watch.

Unlike other fitness watches for runners, the Garmin Forerunner 630 this is not chunky and with it’s GPS functions, the tracking is accurate, and for running efficiency, the 630 can record a runner’s stride length and vertical ratio. It gets very scientific with the data.

However, like the Garmin Vivoactive, you must wear a chest strap to monitor your heart rate. The performance features of the fitness watch includes Interval training (set up exercise and rest intervals), heart rate monitoring, calories burned, pace alert, and more.

Although it may not be as feminine or as lady like as the other five fitness watches for women, it is the best fitness watch for running enthusiast.


Polar FT 7

If you want a lightweight, easy-to-use waterproof fitness tracker with an array of colours to choose from, the Polar FT 7 is another quality fitness tracker for women. At only 1.1 ounces, it is one of the lighter fitness watches and it has a long replacebale battery life, 11 months.

However, Polar FT7 requires a chest strap heart rate monitor. The chest strap is adjustable, and comes with a comfortable fabric transmitter which will stay on neatly with a small application of lubrication.

This versatile fitness tracker has the ability to notify you when you behind your end goal. All you have to do is look at the information it provides and see where your heart rate zone is at the time. The zones are based on the data at initial set up from your age, gender, height and weight.

As well, Polar FT7 has a smart coaching feature which includes Energy Pointer, Smart Calories and Training Load. These features enables the fitness tracker to tell you whether you are burning fat, display the average and maximum heart rate indication, calories burnt and more.

But it does not have a lap time or timer feature so it is an odd negative.

Another nice feature is the Recording feature which can display your weekly data and retain up to a maximum of 99 training files with summaries of your overall training progress.

Aside from it’s lightness, it is another reason why Polar FT7 made the cut on our best fitness watches for women.