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Best 5 Fitbit Watches From $79

Top 5 rated Fitbit Watches listed below - From Fitbit Flex 2 to Fitbit Surge Fitbit trackers are synonymous with health and fitness - it's really a household brand, and unlike other dorky looking fitness watches, the fitbit watches do come up quite well for both men...

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Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Under $150

Garmin fitness watch heart rate, Fitbit watch, heart rate monitor and other non Fitbit below Getting fit and healthy can be tough, there’s no denying that, but it can be done, especially with the right knowledge and the right tools and equipment. Thanks to fitness and...

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Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

The most accurate heart rate monitor for fitness training is simply wearing on a good chest strap heart rate monitor. With a chest strap it provides an effective way to boost your performance, and if you are at the high risk end for heart disease a chest strap heart...

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Fitness Watches for Women – Top 7

Ok ladies, if you want to take your fitness training or weight loss to the next level, below is the list of the 6 best fitness watches for women that you can wear casually and workout with. Although we have a review of the best fitness watches that women can use and...

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