Best Fitness Tracker Watch

Nov 13, 2016 | 0 comments

The fitness tracker with an in built GPS, heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, reliable activity tracking and an awesome smart alert. Perfect fitness wearable for running!

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin has been on a big roll out with the latest upgrade to Vivosmart HR, Vivoactive, Fenix, Forerunner 735XT, but the big takeaway here for the weekend runners and casual workout buufs is the Garmin Vivosmart HR+.

Right now, and rightly so, the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is one of the most popular fitness trackers currently on the market, and it is packed full of all kinds of features which are designed to help the wearer take their training and their fitness in general, to the next level. The device itself is a sleek, stylish, and very fashionable wristband that is extremely comfortable to wear. What’s more, it features a touchscreen display that is always visible, so you easily read your stats for that particular day, even in direct sunlight.

The Vivosmart HR+ has a nice balance of features and performance for a running enthusiast and for someone who has general well being in mind.  If you a triathlete who wants pin point accuracy, we suggest the Garmin Forerunner 920XT.

What are the main features – Vivosmart HR+?

Some of the main features which makes this the best fitness watch thus far, include the following:

Smart notifications – This fitness tracker provides smart notifications and alerts, allowing you to receive texts, calls, emails, calendar alerts, reminders, and social media updates and alerts, via your wrist device. It easily syncs to your smart device, and you’re basically good to go.

Fitness features – The many, many fitness features provided by the Vivosmart HR+, are arguably the biggest selling point of this device. It will display steps taken, distance travelled, floors climbed, your heart rate, the intensity of your activity, calories burnt off, and more besides.

Fitness reminders – To help encourage you to stay active when you are slacking and falling behind, the device even features a move bar, and vibration alert feature, which will alert you to let you know that you need to become more active.

Water resistant – Another great feature of this device is that it is water resistant, so can be used in the water and can be worn in the bath and shower.

GPS tracking – With in-built GPS tracking, you can accurately track and monitor your fitness pursuits outdoors, so you can map exactly where you have been and how much distance you covered.

Heart rate monitoring – This device also accurately tracks and monitors your heart rate at the wrist, during the day and the night, which in turn helps to keep you working at a safe training intensity, plus it provides a more accurate reading of how many calories you have burnt off.

Sleep Tracking – Vivosmart HR+ will automatically monitor your sleep

The Drawbacks

Nothing in life is perfect, and yes, that does include the Vivosmart HR+. Whilst very effective, the device’s running stats are slightly lighter than they should be, so if you are looking for more distance, pace, or more than a basic heart rate data, a GPS running watch could be more to your liking?

And like all optical heart rate sensors, heart rate tracking for high intensity training is a bit of a miss.  But for general running and walking, the heart rate data is reliable. Plus, the design is a little chunky, there is no swimming mode, despite the fact that it is waterproof, and most people do tend to prefer the design of the Fitbit Blaze or even the Charge 2.

But, It is the Best Fitness Tracker

Despite some flaws, the Vivosmart HR+ is waterproof and offers a nice basket of activity, sleep, heart rate, devilishly good smart notifications as well as GPS tracking, which helps make it an easy decision for people thinking of a Fitbit fitness watch, but fussed by the thought of taking their smartphone with them for a training run.  Not only that, the fitness watch is comfortable to wear and the OLED touchscreen makes it so simple to swipe and navigate.  The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is our top choice for the best fitness tracker award!