Best 5 Fitbit Watches From $79

Dec 20, 2016

Top 5 rated Fitbit Watches listed below – From Fitbit Flex 2 to Fitbit Surge

Update – 18 April 2017

Fitbit trackers are synonymous with health and fitness – it’s really a household brand, and unlike other dorky looking fitness watches, the fitbit watches do come up quite well for both men and women. Yet finding the right Fitbit fitness tracker can be difficult as there is so much to variety to choose from. Here’s a list of 5 of the best Fitbit fitness trackers on the market.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 is the newest upgrade to the popular Charge HR, which boasts a bigger OLED screen, a sleeker design and interchangeable bands that you can switch to suit the dress occasion. The wearable essentially provides the same general performance and some. With the Charge 2, you can expect 5 to 7 day battery life and standard tracking features like counting of your steps, counting of calories burned, distance walked and ran, number of stairs walked, automatic sleep recording, 24/7 heart-rate tracking and SmartTrack. The latest inclusions in this sleek wearable are Guided Personalized Breathing sessions for calming oneself down and the VO2 Max which gives you an overview of your cardio fitness level!

Also, the Charge 2 will track ‘real time’ running data like running pace, distances of a run, stride length accurately utilizing the ‘Connected GPS’, which is another way of loosely saying you must use your smartphone’s GPS feature to sync with Charge 2 as you run.

By now, you maybe wondering what is SmartTrack? Fitbit Charge 2 automatically logs the type of exercises you are performing from the database like cycling, hiking, sports plus more, so you receive credit for your daily tracking.

In addition, FitBit Charge 2 is so easy to use.

A big plus for Charge 2 – it has a simple to use app which records all the stats and numbers of the activities. The app manages to keep the metrics in an easy to understand format, and really it is easy to move around.

On another note, the Fitbit Charge 2 also doubles are a watch with a stop watch feature, and can provide smart notifications from call, text messages to calendar reminders. But this is not the strongest part of the fitness watch as it only gives a few vibrations to your wrist which can be easily missed if you are busy at a shopping centre.

The FitBit Charge 2 can withstand sweat, rain and splashes, but it is not recommended to shower and swim with.

Overall, the fitness watch is comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. Although the smart feature needs improvement, the Charge 2 will suit beginners and people who have general health in mind and one who is not really fussed about the stats and output at the gym.

Fitbit Alta HR

Next up we have the Fitbit Alta HR which is one of the better looking fitness watch. This is the perfect fitness tracker for those of you looking for a more sleek and discreet fitness tracker. For the ladies, you will find this to be a nice and light fitness wearable to strap on.

With the latest release of Alta HR, the latest features includes entire day heart rate tracking, expanded sleep tracking to include a better insight into sleep quality, VO2 Max (that is level of cardio fitness), an alert to prompt you to be more active when you do not hit the 250 steps every hour!

Although it is not as complex as the surge, don’t let that fool you, as the Alta HR still packs quite a punch. It wireless syncs to a number of devices, it is water resistant (but not built for water based activities like swimming), it offers smart notifications, it offers all day fitness tracking, it will even provide reminders for you, if you haven’t moved enough for that particular day.

Again, with the Fitbit Alta HR, You can track your sleep, heart rate, cardio fitness and the device will automatically recognize whichever form of sport you are taking part in, plus you can switch the colors of the bands you’re wearing, allowing you to choose your perfect style – for women you will find this a suitable option. When synced with the Fitbit App and dashboard, reaching your health and fitness goals just couldn’t be easier.

With it’s slim and sleek design, the Fitbit Alta is a great choice for women and men who want a bit of style and functionality. The device is a nice casual lifestyle wearable and sits between high-end fitness watches and above budget trackers, making the Alta a tantalizing buy for individuals who desire a customizable, refine fitness watch without hurting the wallet, while maintaining a reliable activity tracking.

Fitbit Surge – Fitness Tracker With Built-In GPS

Ok, next is the Fitbit surge. In the style of a sleek and modern smart watch, the fitbit surge is certainly one of the most eye catching and aesthetically pleasing fitness trackers on the market. This is Fitbit’s first true GPS wareable venture into proper sports tracking aimed at fitness warriors who enjoy running, working-out and cycling.The watch features in-built GPS tracking, all day activity tracking, pure pulse heart rate monitoring technology, multi-sport tracking, smart notifications, wireless syncing, sleep tracking and monitoring, and much more besides.

With the GPS, you can monitor the distance you have covered, your pace, elevations climbed, and you can review and map the routes covered. The Fitbit Surge keeps tab of motion data daily and in minutes, and captures the total daily counts over a month. It can record heart rate metrics at one second intervals during exercise and provide five second intervals at other times. The multi-sport tracking is very useful as well, as it allows the user to track runs, walking, cycling, and other forms of sport with the Smart Track technology it is able to provide.

The watch is even splash resistant. The watch retails at around USD240, which is very reasonable considering you get so much for your money. The Surge will suit casual runners, and a great option for everyday tracking

Fitbit Flex 2 – Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Next Fitbit Wearable on our list is the Fitbit Flex 2. This device is the most basic of the three, and is the perfect budgetary option as it retails for around USD79. The wrist band is an ultra slim band that is basic in design, yet stylish at the same time. It allows the user to track steps taken, calories burned, and overall active minutes for each day. What’s more, it is the first and only swim-friendly activity tracker from Fitbit, so your water-based workouts and fitness pursuits can also be monitored via the flex 2.

The Fitbit Flex 2 device can automatically recognize four strokes from freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, plus it will provide basic metrics like distance, pace, calories burnt off, duration and number of laps swum.  The device provides smart alerts for calls and texts, in the form of LED lights and vibration alerts. What’s more, it too allows the user to track their sleep each night, plus the band can be used as an alarm. The battery lasts for up to 5 days, and it syncs wireless with smart devices, allowing it to be used perfectly in conjunction with the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Blaze

The final offering here is the Fitbit Blaze – which is another top selling Fitbit wearable and Fitbit’s first attempt at the smart watch segment. Overall, the Blaze is well designed, slim and stylish to look at. Interestingly, you can switch the style of the fitness band to suit an occasion like a workout at the gym, a dinner date or at a meeting. In other words, you can customize the look. As well, the device comes with a 1.25 inch 16 color touch screen where you can finger swipe to navigate through the options on the screen, from daily activity metrics, workout plans to push notifications (Caller id, SMS and Whatsapp).

Activity tracking features of the Fitbit Blaze you can expect : steps, total calories burned, stairs climbed, time spent being active, whole day heart rate recording and automatic sleep tracking with an expanded feedback onto one’s quality of sleep during the night. And, it has many sports modes, which will record and log certain exercises utilizing the heart rate sensor built in the device.

With the latest 2017 software update, the smart notifications have been expanded to include news feed and third party social alerts, guided breathing to help you chill out, VO2 Max for the cardio fitness geeks and an expanded to sleep tracking report.

Another recent feature is the Fitstar which provides a guided workout plan with 3 sessions that is displayed on the fitness watch from warming up/down, a seven minute exercise program plus ten minute abdominal workout.

However, the Fitbit Blaze is not built for swimming and does not feature a built-in GPS function. What this means is, you must run with your smartphone GPS to connect with the Blaze to track your runs.

Effectively Fitbit Blaze is the Charge 2 with a bigger OLED touch screen, guided workout plans and more smart watch notifications. It is very easy to use, and will suit beginners and people who desire a bit of this and that, combining general health tracking, smart notifications and style.