Best 3 Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor For Serious Athletes

Jun 9, 2016 | 0 comments

For the more hardcore workout bunnies, an everyday casual fitness tracker like the Fitbit Charge HR, Garmin Vivosmart HR will not be enough target heart rate zone training. What you need is a tracker that can keep tabs of your running form, cycling, swimming performance and beats per minture with relevant data and information to help you improve and beat your personal bests. To accomplish all this you will need a GPS multi purpose fitness watch (with chest strap heart rate monitor) which can keep up and record all the relevant individual component of training.

From our extensive research we have found the top 3 fitness watches that will suit triathletes and serious training bunnies! A special mention must go to Polar FT7 – which is a great fitness tracker and it was close to our top 3, but the below multi sports activity watch takes the cherry.

3 Heart Rate Monitor With Chest Straps

Garmin Fenix 3

Now if you want a top notch multi sport fitness tracker then the Garmin Fenix 3 is the mother of all for serious athletes and adventurers.  Not only can you use it for swimming (and open water swimming) running, cycling, hiking, paddling and climbing, you can use it for snowboarding, skiing and more.  And yes, it offer features like counting the numer of strokes and laps swam, recognises the kind of swimming stroke, and for runners, it keep tabs of your running cadence and form.


The best improvement from this latest version is it’s abililty to connect to the Russian GPS, GLONASS, which now gives you faster and wider coverage.  That means, you will more of an accurate location reading and navigation, plus an increase in the capability functions with third party apps.

A unique feature of this fitness tracker – it also acts as an altimeter, barometer and compass.  There’s no need to connet to the smartphone fot this purpose.

Aside from the sophisticated functions, you can also measure the more casual activities like monitoring your steps, sleep, calories and so on.  Like all the Garmin products, the Fenix 3 will also have reminders every hour to encourage you to move more during work hours.  And for the smartwatch stuff, it has that too with incoming notifications.

For around $600, this is no small investment, but if you are a hardcore athlete or a triathlete training for competition and personal best, then the Garmin Fenix 3 is recommneded.  Whilst the Garmin Fenix 3 base model has a wrist stlyed heart rate monitor, it is worth considering topping an extra $50 for the Garmin’s HRM-Run advanced heart rate monitoring chest strap for pin point heart rate target training

Garmin Forerunner 920XT

This is another premium multi sport activity tracker, Garmin Forerunner 920XT is well suited for open water and pool swimming, indoor/outdoor running and indoor/outdoor cycling.  Like other normal fitness trackers, it also monitor general activities like steps, sleep quality, calories burned and offers smartwatch notifications.  Altough it is chunky, it is relatively light, around 61g and nest of all, comfortable to wear.

In regards to training data, it keep tabs of swimming stroke count, SWOLF stat for swimming efficiency, real time and post run analytics (vertical oscilllation, ground contact, cadence), VO2 max and more.

A notable running feature of the Garmin 920XT is the Metronome which helps improve your cadence and form.  This is achieved by setting alerts sycned to a targetted running cadence – the number of times your feet strike the ground in a set time sequence.

As an addon option, you can buy the bundle version of the Garmin 920XT comes with the HRM-Run and HRM Swim chest strap, which is highly recommended.  Unlike most chest strap heart rate monitor, it is comfortable to wear.  The 920XT is a reall all round purpose fitness watch.

Polar M400

If you are not a triathlete, cycle occasionally but more of a runner, then the Polar M400 maybe stuiable for you.  This is a waterproof GPS running tracker that offers accurate reading, helps you train and perform against personal best and provides finish time estimations whilst on a run.  What’s more it is quite light, a tad over 56g

Other notable features, the M400 will automatically pause when you stop running and yep, it can automatically track one lap at 1 kilometer/mile plus it will indicate how effective the running session was. As well,you can set an interval timer for heart rate training, session workout or distance training for interval training.

And for people who run whilst on a business trip or lose the sense of direction easily, there is a back-to-start function which will guide you back to the original destination in the quickest direction possible.  A neat option.

And when you are not training or running, it keep tabs of your general activities like logging steps, sleep, distance walked, inactivity alerts and more. The impressive part about Polar M400, you cna get 8 to 9 hours of GPS running use or up to 24 days of activity monitoring. It has great battery life! Again, if you require accurate heart rate monitoring, you will need to get a Polar Heart Rate Monitor Strap. A chest strap heart rate monitor is highly recommended for serious fitness buffs and runners.