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Train With These Fitness Watches From $16

11 of the Best Fitness Watch Trackers

From $16 Discover the Best Fitness Watches

11 of the best fitness watches to suit all your needs today!

Thank you for stopping by our website. This website came about because my wife and I got hooked on fitness trackers. So how did we get hooked on it?

It was my Uncle Roland, a keen outdoor person who introduced me to Fitbit Charge HR, and since then I never looked at a normal watch.

But the only issue, there were plenty of fitness trckers to choose from. It was just too many and mind boggling. Hence it took time before we got our hands on one.

Once we had our activity tracker we were really motivated to monitor our health, our daily activities and it encouraged me to get back into shape by running and swimming.

you probably know by now, I am not a personal trainer or a gym junkie, I’m just a regular guy who tries to stay healthy by eating sensibly, occasionally treating myself to junk food, sugar, carbs and the fried stuff, and I really do try to get to the gym. I do try but it is a miss at times because it feels like a Monday.

The best fitness watch reviews are focused at regular people like me and with the need to try to make a conscience effort to get more active or go to the gym or simply get more motivated using a simple gadget.

So with our research on various fitness trackers, we hope you will find great insight into the best fitness watch for you. Of course your final choice will be based on your personal objectives from the style and design of the fitness band, the data tracking you require to affordability. There’s no wrong or right here. But if you want to get in shape owning a fitness tracker is a good start!

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best fitness watch

Best Fitness Watch - Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is so easy and simple to use, and for beginners this is the one of the best fitness trackers today.  Both the heart rate monitoring and the step counting are accurate, and the nice beauty of this activity tracker is the in built GPS.

So what’s the fuss about the GPS capability… I hear?

Well, for runners and individuals who wants to get in shape by running, walking or hiking there’s no need to bring along your smart-phone!  This is simply the best fitness watch that has a killer smart notification, a nice touch screen, fantastic activity tracking, GPS capability and you can even shower/swim with it too!