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Fitbit Charge HR Review

Is The Fitbit Charge HR the Best Fitness Watch?
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Fitbit Blaze Review

Is The Fitbit Blaze For You?
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Best Fitness Watch Tracker Reviews – Top 11

Want the best fitness watch that matches your fitness and daily lifestyle? Whether you’re looking to get a full fitness transformation or have more modest health goals, utilizing a personal fitness tracker (aka fitness watch) helps you you replace bad habits with healthy ones and importantly, motivates you to take the next step to achieve your goals. It is much easier and simpler to log your activities by counting steps, distance travelled on foot, monitoring your heart with an activity tracker that does all the heavy lifting for you. The best fitness watch is often the simplest and easiest to use.

Properly keeping track of your heart rate or steps may seem like something small, but it’s a measure that can make serious contributions to your general health. Fitness watches not only supports a healthy lifestyle by helping you achieve small and frequent successes, it can also help you find daily motivation to improve by encouraging you with vibrating notifications, smart adaptive goals and coaching tips

If you are already a health nut, a fitness watch keeps an accurate record of your daily progress so you work harder and smarter.

With so many selection of fitness tracker watches on the market – comes more confusion. It can be mind boggling to figure out which is the best fitness watch for your particular needs from determining which ones has the features that are necessary for you, the design of the activity tracker, ease of use and whether it will suit your preferred activities.

As mentioned on the last paragraph, the style and look of the fitness trackers (Watch, Bracelet, Clip-On) will be a factor on your choice. Every brand and every model has it’s different form – it can be ugly to one person, but appealing to another, and there are just some silly looking ones. But many of the well known fitness bands are like a bracelet, and quite a number of them doubles as a watch too.

To complicate and excite things more for buyers, the latest tech sensors on offer, the ones that can track your heart rate 24/7 (like the Fitbit Charge Hr) to smartwatch style notifications adds more food for thought … and confusion.

So would you like to know which brand takes the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor gong? Read on ….

Fitness Tracker – Bare in Mind on Three Things 

What Do You Need?

The right kind of activity tracker is going to be based on your individual needs – sleep tracking, step counting, heart rate tracking, GPS tracking, etc …or all.  Without question, there is truly something for everyone – it’s just a matter of finding the best fitness watch tracker that suits for you.


Compromises may have to be made on the device as there’s no such thing as a perfect tracker, and there’s probably no need to get the best activity tracker around in order to get the most out of a workout.

Type of Activity Tracker

If you are just into walking, and not really in need of heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, GPS tracking and calorie counting, then a basic fitness tracker will do.  However, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring have it’s health benefits.

A Smartwatch or a Fitness Tracker?

Various fitness trackers feature smartwatch features, while many smartwatches have fitness functionality as well. Both are different and if you are reading this now, you are looking for the best fitness watch tracker, not a smartwatch which is built to sync to a smartphone. Let’s face it, the fitness trackers put fitness tracking first!

We have compiled a list of fitness trackers that will suit the unfit and super fit gym goers … and the budget conscious. Now let’s take a look at 11 of the Best Fitness Watches for women and men today.

best fitness watch

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Takes The Top Gong

This is a fitness watch with heart rate monitor and it’s own GPS location feature that has it all … from ease of use, comfort, always on time display, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, all-day activity tracking, alarm vibration, idle prompting, goal setting tools, the best smartphone push notifications to wireless syncing to your smartphone and computer.

As well, the lightweight, waterproof fitness tracker and it’s app features have versatile options which give the Vivosmart HR_ an edge over other fitness trackers. This is the editors choice for the best fitness watch with in-built GPS.

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Top 11 Best Fitness Watch Trackers Today!

Best Fitness Watches With Heart Rate Monitors

Fitbit Charge HR

The Charge HR is very easy to use. Basically, you pair it with your Android device or iPhone, enter your height, weight, age, gender into the app, and wear the device – which keeps tab on your pulse continuously. It comes with a wireless USB dongle, too, in case you do not have a smartphone or would prefer to pair it with a personal computer.

Another advantage of the FitBit Charge is that it has a very clean, easy to use fitness tracker app. It keeps it simple. Other notable features includes sleep monitoring, step tracking, stopwatch mode, GPS tracking and all-day heart rate tracking over time. As well, it has a caller id (which is not that great) and a useful silent vibrating alarm.

The FitBit Charge HR is protected against rain, sweat and splashes, but not shower proof or swim proof. So do not swim with it.

Nevertheless, the tracker and the applications that comes with it are simple to use and more importantly provides enough useful date without overwhelming you – big tick. This the best fitness watch which also doubles as a watch…and makes it the best activity tracker with heart rate monitor.

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ does what the Vivosmart HR has – a large and bright display screen (but smaller than the Vivosmart HR) which allows it to show plenty of useful information from automatic sleep detection, step counting, sleep tracking, calories burnt, distance ran or walked and highly accurate wrist styled heart-rate tracking. But now HR+ has GPS tracking – a wonderful addition!

It’s a great alternative to the Fitbit Charge HR. but it has it’s disadvantages – the app and setting menus are not simple to use and lacks any kind of simple interaction.

But with the BPM metrics, its OLED screen provides fantastic smart -phone notifications, from caller ID, texts, emails, whatsapp and if you want it, the weather. This comfortable fitness band is also waterproof to 50 metres – which is useful for swimming. This is another reason why it made the list for the best wrist fitness trackers.

As well, the Vivomsmart HR+ has a dedicated mode for running, cardio walkouts, jog and walk. It also has a virtual pacer which tracks your pace and Move IQ which can automatically pick out the exercise you’re participating in. With the addition of the GPS feature, this is the best fitness tracker for running as it will measure your distance, pace, calories and other personal data.

Overall, the Garmin Vivosmart HR has a balanced combination of features and price.


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Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Large
List Price: $199.95
Price: $198.98
You Save: $0.97
Price Disclaimer

The Fitbit Blaze is another one of Fitbit’s top rated activity trackers. It looks far better than the other Fitbit models, which looks more like a stylish smartwatch and has nice activity tracking features. It has a a color touch screen that displays basic workout guidance and push notifications from your smartphone.

Again it is very easy to use, especially for a beginner and it delivers fantastic all-around activity tracking from sleep monitoring, continuous heart rate monitoring, step counting, floors climbed, and calorie counting.

But for fitness watch nuts, you will disappointed by the need of needing to bring your smartphone to lend along the GPS funstion and intensive training heart rate monitor. As well it is not water resistant.

This Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s first venture into the smartwatch space whilst keeping focus on what it does best – fitness tracking … and it gets a lot of things right, including comfort, features and price.  It will suit people who are into the look and style, and wants a little bit of both worlds, combining fitness tracking and smart style watch function.

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Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin vívoactive Black
List Price: $249.99
Price: $147.37
You Save: $102.62
Price Disclaimer

A nice slim design which makes it a comfortable all day wear tracker, and has a useful sunlight-readable touchscreen. Built for multi- sport function, this is truly a sports fan fantasy sports watch.  It features a built in GPS, a barometric altimeter which tracks elevation, and it is a quality watch with heart rate monitor function.

Another nice feature, it is a waterproof fitness tracker which has multi sport functions.  Whether it is for running, cycling, playing golf, swimming, fitness tracking, smart-watch styled notifications and heart rate monitoring: it is all in this one smart activity watch tracker. Plus it is able to recognize indoor activities like cycling, running, rowing and of all things, cross-country skiing too.

The small drawback about the Garmin Vivoactive is, it requires a heart rate monitor chest strap (which is perfect for athletes and gym bunnies needing in depth accurate stats), and for some odd reason no wireless syncing with Windows or Mac. Otherwise, it is one of top 10 best fitness watches.

Polar Ft7

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Watch, Blue/Lilac
List Price: $119.95
Price: $63.99
You Save: $55.96
Price Disclaimer
A very light and comfortable fitness tracker that offers value and better yet, with 4 colors to choose from the Polar Ft7 will suit both men and women in every way. Best of all it is very affordable. And what you pay for it, you will get plenty from it. Although a chest strap heart rate monitor is required, the accuracy in tracking your heart rate is very reliable, and the devicce is able to guide you to train towards to a desired heart beat target.

The smart coaching features (Energy Pointer & Smart Calorie) will also recognise whether you are training for either weight loss or fitness performance. As well, it’s storage capacity is one of the best as it can record to 99 lap memory allowing you to monitor your workout history for a greater length of time. Another notable feature of this activity tracker – it is water resistant up to 30 meters.

So if you are a swimmer, this is a fitness tracker to consider too. But the strange thing about this fitness watch, it does not a stop watch function to time your laps! This is an odd omission from a training perspective. However, the Polar Ft7 is a very versatile fitness watch that offers heart rate zone training – perfect for an athlete or gym goer, and it is one of the lightest wrist heart rate monitor.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Black/Blue Watch with HRM-Run
List Price: $499.99
Price: $339.99
You Save: $160.00
Price Disclaimer
This is one of the best fitness watch Garmin has ever created.  Without question, this is a mighty all-rounder fitness watch – more than you want in a top quality wearable. This is the best fitness watch for a multi-sport user like a triathlete or a fitness freak who hops on and off between a swim, run and cycling.

The 920XT is designed to recognize and monitor both indoor and out door activities from biking, cycling, running, swimming, open water swimming .. .which is perfect for triathletes or a hardcore fitness nut who enjoys working out and jumping between the activities!

Other standard tracking includes sleep monitoring, counting of steps, calories burnt off, distance traveled, showing you when you have been inactivity or idle, live tracking performance and smartwatch styled incoming notification. For keen swimmers, this fitness watch can track the stroke rate of a swim, distance and provide a SWOLF rating for your swimming efficiency.  As well, it measures your VO2 max, recovery time and tracks your race times for several distances.

Another big plus, it has a two stop/start timing functions that permits you to record two individual workouts sessions for specific training targets. For running and swimming dynamics the 920xt requires a fabric like chest-strap heart rate monitor for each activity.

For serious runners, the Forerunner 920XT displays data on running form by recording cadence, your vertical oscillation as well as ground contact intervals.  All essential information to help improve your running form.

As well, like the Vivosmart, it will notify you of any incoming smartphone notifications like call alerts, emails, text messages and more to the screen of the tracker.

The Garmin Forerunner 920XT provides serious capabilities and cherry picks the top features from it’s entire line of products and cleverly combines them into one mighty all round fitness watch!

If you are a triathlete or a hardcore fitness fanatic who can afford it, buy it. The Garmin 920XT delivers on every aspect, and while it is chunky in size, you’re getting a lot of performance features and variety in this do-it-all fitness watch.  For sure this is not for everyone, and casual joggers or the budget conscious.

The Garmin Forerunner 920XT is at the top of the pile when it to all round sports fitness tracker.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 - Medium
List Price: $249.99
Price: $248.99
You Save: $1.00
Price Disclaimer

This nifty activity tracker packs full of punch which includes smartwatch features, and you can reply using your voice–if you have a Windows or Android phone. It literally records everything from running, golfing, workouts, sleep, heart rate, skin temperature and has a GPS.

However, the rubber wristband can be bulky and rigid, and a big drawback, there’s currently no computer syncing or Web interface, it requires a smartphone, and the battery lasts only 2 days.

This is a small negative as the Microsoft Band 2 has very good tracking features, and it is built for multi sport like cycling, golfing, running, hiking, weight training and provides guided workouts which take you by the hand through more than 130 activities, and even include short videos to make sure your form is correct.  Hence it is one of the 9 best fitness watches.

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Jawbone Up4

UP4 has made gains in the fitness tracking world. It has a simple and humble design without a screen – and it is still a great option for simplicity, even though its rivals have been adding more and more cutting-edge features … and knocking it off the top spot. But it still made it to our list of the best fitness bands with heart rate monitor.

It delivers very accurate data, and some of its features are biometric feedback, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, step tracking and vibration alerts. The only thing to note here, it does not offer all day heart monitoring.

The software is pretty easy to utilize, but its data insights particularly set it apart from competition.

Jawbone Up4 is a nifty fitness heart rate monitor which offers a lot more value for money when compared to its more advanced counterpart.

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Fitness Trackers With No Heart Rate Monitors

Moov Now

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight waterproof fitness tracker design you can use when swimming or simply use it for cycling, the Moov Now is for you.

It is a small and round element which you can clip into a strap and wear around you leg, pairing it with your smartphone.

It features a 7 minute interval training workout guide that includes a digital voice guidance to count your reps and keep a check on your body-weight performance. The Real-time coaching feature provides advanced sports training plans with actionable swimming, cycling and running data that aims to guide and improve your body form and position for better results.

But what makes this unique is the “9-axis omni motion detector” which allows it to analyze and record a wide range of one’s movements in 3 Dimensional. For sure, this device can track a huge scope of motion than other well-known fitness trackers – a big advantage!

However, the Coaching requires a nearby smartphone which can be cumbersome and distracting, and the overall fitness stats aren’t as detailed as other trackers.  And it does not have a heart rate monitor.

The better news is that the second generation of Moov Now has a sleep, daily step tracker and bike/run/swim tracking – very useful indeed!

That is why it is one of our top rated fitness trackers

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Misfit Flash

Misfit Wearables Flash - Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Black)
List Price: $29.99
Price: $20.99
You Save: $9.00
Price Disclaimer

This is for the budget conscious but does what most fitness watches offer. It is made of plastic, but it packs the same tech as its more expensive counterpart, like the Misfit Shine, it features sleep and steps tracking, long battery life and it is a fitness watch for swimming too.

The device comes in a variety of vibrant colors that suit all tastes. The Misfit Flash deserves to be one of our top rated fitness trackers, as it is very affordable for anyone to get fit today.

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Misfit Shine 2

The shine 2 is still faithful to its features, now with a redesigned action clip, vibration alerts and smartphone notifications. It’s circular accessory design comes with a slew of new hardware and software, which means an updated accelerometer and new 3-axis magnetometer. Its battery life kicks ass (around 6 months) compared to any other tracker displayed here.

Whilst the Misfit Shine 2 features impressive data accuracy, it is water resistant up to 50 meters. This is an activity tracker for swimmers but you can use it for cycling, running, ball games like basketball, tennis and soccer. If your priority is getting reliable data, this is another tracker you should go for. The Misfit Shine 2 has amazing accuracy.

In addition Shine 2 will notify you of incoming calls and text messages, which is a nice feature. Again it is one of our best fitness tracking device.

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Best Fitness Watch - Fitbit Charge HR

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is the all-in-one fitness band. It is so easy and simple to use, and for beginners this is the best fitness watch tracker today.

Both the heart rate monitoring and the step counting are accurate, and the nice beauty of this activity tracker, it has the automatic sleep tracking feature. Let’s face it, we all need a good sleep, and a good 8-hour sleep means a healthy mind and a healthier body.

And the beauty of this fitness watch is the GPS tracking feature and the dedicated mode for running. No more carrying your smartphone around to track your runs. The Vivosmart HR+ does it all from your wrist, which also makes it one of the smallest GPS wearables!

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is the best wrist heart rate monitor tracker with GPS tracking.

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